Friday, May 13, 2011

A Mother's Special Day Poem

L. Paul Fobert Jr.

A Mother’s Special Day

Whether you are friend and companion
or “sugar and spice and everything nice”
a mother is who you are.
“To be or not to be?” There is no question.

Appreciation is an ill-fated rarity.
That’s why there’s Mother’s Day.
This special day falls on a Sunday
which ungodly children make more necessary.

We are right and wrong.
Mother’s Day is of special importance.
It shouldn’t feel that way,
instead should come naturally.

You are wonderful, caring, gentle, and strong,
patient during a loved one’s foolish pride.
The energy required comes from your heart.
How else do you put up with me?

Chauffeur, cook, playmate, friend;
to do it all, I can only wonder.
Today. Mothers Day. A special Sunday
no longer seems enough thanks.

Gratitude for everything.
Anything precious to you,
I hold dear
as long as you want.

Forever will last
not long at all.
The time we are given
will never be wasted.

Mother’s Day is not a day to be forgotten.
It will always be remembered.
My mother, that’s who I need.
You are who I love.

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